Customize cabin

Make a great first impression at your event with attractive, secure ticket offices, shop, sales outlet, ATM Cain etc are specially designed for fast, efficient customer service.
Ticket offices are an essential facility at many events, and are often your visitors' first point of contact with you - so it's important to make a good impression. Royal Prefab offer  a specially designed, attractive and functional ticket office building, fully fitted out to facilitate efficient ticket sales, as well as providing security for your staff, property and cash. Whether you need a single ticket office or a whole array of buildings to serve large numbers of visitors . Your buildings will be delivered to site, installed and fully fitted out by our experienced team. We can even advise you on the optimum number and location of ticket offices for your event.

A closer look at the special order Cabin.- please remember we can customize even this one for you!

This cabin is 24ft x 24ft with a 12/12 pitch roof. The entire ceiling is vaulted for maximum effect. The loft bedroom features a 12ft + height to ceiling. Exposure to the outside it excellent with large windows front and rear. The french doors also allow maximum light and allow for stunning views. This is a perfect small home or large year round cottage. Please inquire for additional details.

Why choose Prefab Cabin ticket office buildings for your event?

  • 1. Fully equipped for hassle-free ticket sales, with multiple point of-sale windows
  • 2. Internal fully furnished for  positioned for cash registers, card-processing equipment and other IT systems - with plenty of electrical arrangement.
  • 3. All-steel building designed for enhanced security, with a tough outward-opening door to prevent break-ins, and a spy hole to control entry to the building
  • 4. External ramps give wheelchair users easy access to the ticket windows
Delhi Police
Gurgaon Udyog Vihar
Max Hospital
L &T limited
Max Hospital saket
Sahara India Limited