Porta cabin Sales outlet

Royal Prefab is the best solution for practical, safe, durable, economical closed area space from 270x390 cm to 390x1230 cm with demountable panel system. Thanks to Royal Prefab cabin panel system, cabins can be easily and quickly installed onsite. Practical closed spaces can be established up to 50 square meters by attaching its demountable structure since it is manufactured with panel system.

Royal Prefab industrial large cabins are the most economical solution apart from high quality and security in order to meet different closed space needs such as security cabin, social facility cabin, waiting cabin, bank cabin, restaurant cabin, supermarket cabin, store cabin, exhibition cabin, health center cabin, local authority office, police unit security cabin, gendarme cabin, dining hall cabin, and sales office.

Delhi Police
Gurgaon Udyog Vihar
Max Hospital
L &T limited
Max Hospital saket
Sahara India Limited