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Chiller Doors

Chiller Doors • Agri - horticulture
• Dairy
• Meat & Fisheries
• Food Processing units
• Warehouses
• Distribution centers
• Cold chains

• Best suited for temperature controlled areas
• Hermetic sealing to prevent leakages
• European technology
• Energy efficient
• Appropriate insulation value
• Automation compatible doors
• Ready for atmospheric exposures

Product specifications:
• Chiller Doors: 80mm thickness, polyurethane insulation for positive temperatures {upto+1 C) for chiller rooms.
• Freezer Doors: 120mm thickness, polyurethane insulation for negative temperature (upto -28 C) for freezer rooms.
• Blast Freezer Doors: 150mm thickness, polyurethane insulation for negative temperature (upto -40C) for Blast Freezer Rooms.

• The technology used by company is European which meets all international quality standards and regulations.
• The door is surrounded by a four side rubber sealing gasket that ensures hermetic sealing, which reduces the risk of loss of cooling and controls the temperature.
• The door slides on an overhead track which is made of high quality aluminium extrusion with indentations for a 3D movement to ensure complete hermetic sealing while closing.
• The door blades are made out of insulated panel in a door frame. The insulation properties ensure the environment temperature humidity can be maintained as required.
• The door frame can withstand high abrasion as it is made of high quality anodized aluminium. Ready for atmospheric exposure.

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