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HSM Pulpits

E-Pack offers Modular Control pulpits with PUF Insulated Panels and caters to Steel Plants, Furnaces areas, Melting shops, Mines Areas, Bulk Material handling areas, Power plants and others.
We offer the solutions for Modular Control Pulpits with Steel Structure and without also (for smaller pulpits), lift on type and non-lift on types with doors and false floors, suitable for cable trench. Moreover these constructions are with insulated panels so it is well suited for hot zones where these pulpits are normally located.

• Custom Built & Pre-engineered construction with PUF Insulated Panels
• Options available with various finishes like PPGS / PPGS,PPGS / ACP, PPGS / SS, SS / SS
• Walls of different height, yet sturdy and strong construction
• Light weight panels which is easy to lift and erect at any height inside the plant
• Large view glasses are possible to fix with the Insulated panels without any extra support
• False floor fixing enables the cable to pass through for Operating panels or inverter
• Fixing of smoke detectors and fire fighting equipments are easily possible

• The Pulpits are insulated resulting to higher energy savings and more comfort in adverse conditions due to insulation
• Dry construction, Quick and easy to erect
• Flexibility to choose various options on fascia of panels based upon the site conditions & requirements.
• Flexibility of expansion and re-location
• All weather proof construction

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HSM Pulpits
HSM Pulpits
HSM Pulpits

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