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Prefabricated Structures in India

E-Pack offers best – in class light gauge steel framing solution across an extensive range of infrastructure projects. We provide a complete package from planning, designing, manufacturing, on-site installation to meet your project requirements.
E-pack Rite Steel Buildings are 100% Customized Aesthetic, Durable and Green Building with inbuilt stability. There innovative state-of-art technology is faster for manufacturing and erecting buildings. Using the core strength of high tensile steel, its light gauge steel frame system allows multiple applications across commercial and residential sector.

Structural steel's low cost, strength, durability, design flexibility, adaptability and recyclable nature makes it the material of choice for a growing n umber of construction-related businesses.
• Cost Efficient And Quick to Build
• Environment Friendly
• Durable And Safe
• Fire Resistance
• Design Flexibility
• Environment Friendly
• Recyclability
• Energy Efficiency

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