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Railway Shelter E-PACK Polymers Pvt. Ltd. manufacturer of wide range of Railway & Telecom Shelter, we are not only engaged in business of manufacturing but we are exporting our shelter to middle east, south east asia, srilanka, bangladesh, africa.E-PACK provides completely Independent and Reliable turnkey solutions for the state of the art Telecom/ Railway Shelters. Our technical and engineering proficiency has granted us expertise in fabricating light weight and durable Railway & telecom shelters for varied requirements of the telecom & other industry. These shelters are appropriate to withstand harsh climatic conditions and protect sophisticated telecom equipment from moisture, air and dust. These shelters are portable and are light weight to ensure easy on-site installation. These shelters prove to be a cost effective solution and can also be customized as per the requirements of our clients.
E-PACK shelters are self-supporting with metal puff sandwich panels and specially designed doors. Our shelters are corrosion resistant, dust and dirt proof and provide protection to high value telecom equipment. The specifications are in line with the Customer requirements.

Main Features
• We can also modify and provide Shelters that comply with any specifications by the Customer. The main features of the Telecom Shelters are as follows: → High thermal resistance
• Reinforced Ceiling Panels / Floor Panels
• Additional roof to provide slope
• Complete security
• Air and water tight to achieve IP54 level protection
• Long life with zero maintenance
• 3 Way lock and stainless steel hinges
• Torque groove configuration with in-built camlocks for more strength

Types of Shelter Manufactured
• BTS Shelter
• Telecom Shelter
• Signaling Huts
• Railway Shelter

E-Pack manufacturing capacity of 8,00,000 Sq. meters of puff panels per annum. Given below are some general specifications of our present production, we can however, comply any specifications as per the Customer requirement:
• Wall thickness 50mm, 60mm, 80mm
• Outer cladding of 0.6 mm,0.8 mm or 1 mm thickness
• Quick & Easy Installation
• Puf density 40 kg/m3, CFC Free, and thermal conductivity < 0.023 w/m degree k
• Base frame designed bolted beam channel grid to withstand 3400 kg/m2 uniformly
• Modular wall and roof panels to withstand 200 kmph wind load conditions
• Self standing ,self supportinggalvanised steel structure
• Can withstand temperature form -20 degree to +70 degree
• Floor internal skin with 19 mm marine grade ply0r 19mm cement board, fire retardant, fungus proof, high anti static, anti abrasive board
• Dimensional stability –75 to 125o C
• Roof loading capacity 250 kg/m2
• Torque groove configuration with inbuilt unpickable eccentric camlocks
• Water proofing to the joints of the ceiling panels

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